This project is being implemented in over 65 Districts of Pakistan to improve primary school enrolment & retention, especially of girls. Till date the project has enrolled 385,000 children aged 5 to 11 years in government primary schools & ensure that each child completes the primary school cycle. The project has 5 main components:

  • Identification & training of volunteer force (young people aged 18 to 32 years)
  • Utilizing the trained volunteers to run enrolment & retention campaigns – 25,000 trained volunteers
  • Activation & Mobilisation of mohalla Committees to support enrolment & retention
  • Implementation of a Sports Training & Life Skill Education component titled ‘DOSTI’ in select schools. –695 Dosti schools till date
  • Managing & maintaining an online database to track enrolments & retention for each child.


Content Development

  • Integration of the Active Citizens Legacy program with the theme of education.
  • Incorporating sub activities revolving around topics including identity and culture, intercultural dialogue, local and global citizenship & social action projects.
  • Customization of themes to make them more education driven.

Training of Facilitators

  • Managed & facilitated training of facilitators of new facilitators with existing/new partners.
  • Supported British Council team in selection of participants from partners.
  • Developed Training of Facilitators work plan, identified lead facilitators & organized planning meeting before training.
  • Submitted report for local delivery, M&E & learning & development roll out.

Event Management

  • Managed training as per British Council guidelines (selection, workshop, logistics, joining instructions).
  • M&E framework proposed & implemented: workshop reports shared in one week of completion of activity.
  • Customization of themes to make them more education driven.

ToF Delivery Review

Review meetings after completion of each training, based on the report of regular updates from SoLF, BC team member Review meetings reflected on lessons learnt & next trainings members

  • Facilitators Development through Monitoring & Mentoring at local delivery.
  • Supervised local trainings & facilitators as per quality
    assurance model indicators.
  • M&E framework proposed & implemented: workshops reports
    shared within one week of completion.
  • Database of all facilitators including profiling, PDP (QA model)  compilation.
  • Supported BC & partners to manage quality delivery &
    ensured feedback was shared with facilitators regularly.