The Green Acceleration Programme (GAP) was a six-month initiative, carefully designed to support and uplift social entrepreneurs in Sindh committed to tackling climate change. GAP proactively identified, trained, and mentored green enterprises, setting the stage for real and sustainable impact. Through capacity-building workshops and mentoring sessions, GAP empowered entrepreneurs to not only plan but also to scale-up and sustain their initiatives, while fostering the creation of green jobs


  • Raise awareness about the significance of social entrepreneurship in tackling social issues and inspire innovative solutions.Provide training and mentorship to facilitate strategic planning, robust growth, and long-term sustainability for enterprises.
  • Intensively support three promising ventures with seed funding and mentorship for scale-up and sustainable growth.


  1. Created a comprehensive training package for a 3-day program, covering key business modules such as business planning, financial management, marketing, and sustainable practices.
  2. Promoted collaboration between enterprises and industry experts, fostering shared experiences and potential partnerships.
  3. Allocated funding to the top three enterprises to amplify their potential for positive impact.
  4. Conducted a social media campaign to raise awareness about sustainability and the urgency of climate action.