• With the goal to create RHR accessible, effective and universal, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in partnership with the School of Leadership Foundation (SOLF) launched the “Health and Wellbeing Youth Innovation Challenge ‘22” on 26th April 2022. The challenge en-couraged young people aged (19-29) to design solutions around the sub thematic components of Life Skill Based Education, Menstrual Hygiene Management and access to reproductive health rights and services.
  • Through an extensive and transparent selection process five youth teams were selected to be a part of the youth challenge and attended 3-days Design Thinking bootcamp in Islamabad.The bootcamp focused on improving the suggested solutions and reframing the impact state-ment by researching the key stakeholders and diving deep into the causes and symptoms of the problem the teams are trying to solve. Three youth teams out of five qualified for the incu-bation phase. The winning teams were awarded seed money and 2-months of mentorship.

The qualified teams’ ideas are:

  • Organize three four-day in-person bootcamps across Sindh.
  • Train 80 social entrepreneurs from targeted districts of Sindh.
  • Prepare young social entrepreneurs for the future by providing them with key entrepreneurial skills as well as relevant transferable skills.
  • Assist participants in developing plans for their social enterprise’s sustainability and scalability by focusing on key areas: Marketing, branding, financial management, and prototyping.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for a more focused approach to the group’s specific learning needs.


  • Developed a curriculum and other resource material for social entrepreneurs to help them overcome obstacles, progress to the next stage, and work toward enterprise sustainability.
  • Conducted capacity building training of 4 trainers.
  • Conducted three four-day bootcamps to build the capacity of social entrepreneurs working on five key themes: plantation, sanitation, hygiene, solid waste management, and water.
  • Engaged 84 social entrepreneurs across Sindh through the three physical bootcamps.
  • Conducted 6 mentoring sessions with engaged participants to assist them in achieving their social enterprise development goals.






She-Guard is taking up the fight against pollutants by offering reusable, biodegradable sanitary pads. Not only will this solution eliminate single-use sanitary plastic pollutants but also are aiming to be hygienic and safe for use

Saheli Radio


They are making use of technological intervention in the form of MP3 players to disseminate reproductive health rights information. Recording episodes in the regional language Thatki, the team is overcoming both cultural and linguistic barriers to make the information accessible and understandable for the women and younger girls of Umerkot.

Nisa Kahaniya

by Baithak


They are aiming to create a series of comics for adolescents which aims at initiating conversations around puberty, physical
and hormonal changes and the precautionary measures necessary during this age. The comic books will also be helpful for
parents, teachers or community members to understand the physical and emotional changes their child is going through.