Extending on the initial phase of the COVID response campaign; #copingwithcorona, this phase laid out an inclusive response (including parents, communities and societies) to acknowledge not only adolescent’s needs to protection from the COVID infection, abuse, violence, and exploitation but also to ensure their mental wellbeing, continued learning and opportunities and platforms for meaningful participation and engagement to be educators and hange agents along their peers and in their communities.

The guide was designed to equip young people with relevant information from credible and approved sources around COVID 19. It also provided guidelines on how these individuals can take care of themselves and those around them from the virus. Also covered the various aspects of the mental and emotional challenges that have emerged with the ‘new normal’.


  1. Facilitate adolescents’ participation in COVID 19 response and empower them towards resilience building.
  2. To strengthen capacities and skills of adolescents and work with their networks in the identified districts to prevent spread of COVID-19 infection, to themselves, their families and communities.
  3. Improve adolescent’s ability to prevent negative behaviors including, abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation and promote mental health and wellbeing, their safe return to school.



• Awareness on General Information on COVID-19 for participants
• Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)
• Stigma Prevention
• Mental Health and wellbeing of adolescents Psychosocial First Aid
• How to remain safe at school
• Protection of adolescents from Abuse, Violence and Exploitation during COVID

One to one digital Psychosocial Support sessions with 50 ADOLESCENTS