• Generation Unlimited is a world leading public-private-youth partnership platform that aims to ensure that every young person including girls and young women, is either learning and/or working by 2030. In this third round of the Imagen Ventures, Generation Unlimited (GenU) and partners are coming together to inspire more than 25 million young aspiring entrepreneurs to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.
  • In Pakistan, the Youth Challenge 3.0 was launched in partnership with UNICEF and UNDP with SOLF as the implementing partner. An open call for applications was announced for young people aged (14- 29) from to submit their ideas for impact under this year’s theme. Adopting a more inclusive approach for outreach, in person community awareness sessions were conducted to reach out to marginalized young people with no access to internet. A multitier review process was followed to select top 10 teams that were then chosen to attend a 6 Day Human Centred Design Bootcamp where they build their ideas and tested possible solutions. After a round of pitching, five teams were awarded USD 1000 seed funding and mentoring for the implementation of their ideas.

Idea Name

Idea Description

1. GE tech

GE tech (Green Energy Technology) will smartly utilize speed breakers in which the waste kinetic energy of running vehicles will be converted to mechanical energy. It will be used to produced electrical energy to be used for street lights, digital bill boarding, road signals, lighting check post of the highways, digital advertisement and electrify near by small villages.

2. Braille Designer

Braille Designer is introducing a novel concept of Inclusive Books and Documents. An Inclusive Braille Document will have ink print and braille simultaneously. This will allow both sighted and visually impaired individuals to read from the same document hence the visually impaired community feeling more included and accommodated. Through the help of Inclusive Braille Books, visually impaired children will be able to study alongside sighted students and not have any barrier to understanding or getting help from their fellow classmates. This software will also have tactical graphics which will help to make science subjects books as well for visually impaired students.

3. Captain Climate

Building an application “Captain Climate” that will highlight the humans habits that are adversely affecting the climate through 3D animated videos. The app will have different characters that will assist the user in navigating different levels of understanding. The user will have to clear all the assessments in terms of getting climate literate certificate.

5. Int Tech

There is an excessive plastic pollution and the team is proposing an eco-friendly solution with an additional feature that can monitor and detect expiry date of perishable items. Introducing biodegradable plastic, that will not only be beneficial to humans that use it, but also to marine life. It will be synthesized using organic material for example potato starch.

4. Siachen Sherpa

Khaplu valley lies in the snow cladded Northern region of Pakistan. The entire snow melts in spring season and leaves the whole valley dry for the next harvest cycle. Khaplu Baltistan therefore faces severe water crisis in summer season. Each year more and more villages are reporting water scarcity or threats from glacier lakes. By constructing artificial glaciers where the glacier water in spring will be relocated to high altitudes, north facing scree slopes and will be restored in form of small glaciers. Those artificial glaciers will be then melt down in summer season and water will be efficiently used for productive purposes.