SoLF collaborated with UNDP Pakistan to launch a Clean and Green Jobs Challenge for young social entrepreneurs in Sindh, which included four-day physical bootcamps. The goal of this initiative was to encourage social entrepreneurs to demonstrate their innovative ideas in five thematic areas: water, sanitation, plantation, hygiene, and solid waste management. Through a capacity-building workshop and mentoring sessions, they were assisted in planning and sustaining their social enterprise, with the overarching goal of supporting green job creation experiments.


  • Organize three four-day in-person bootcamps across Sindh.
  • Train 80 social entrepreneurs from targeted districts of Sindh.
  • Prepare young social entrepreneurs for the future by providing them with key entrepreneurial skills as well as relevant transferable skills.
  • Assist participants in developing plans for their social enterprise’s sustainability and scalability by focusing on key areas: Marketing, branding, financial management, and prototyping.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for a more focused approach to the group’s specific learning needs.


  • Developed a curriculum and other resource material for social entrepreneurs to help them overcome obstacles, progress to the next stage, and work toward enterprise sustainability.
  • Conducted capacity building training of 4 trainers.
  • Conducted three four-day bootcamps to build the capacity of social entrepreneurs working on five key themes: plantation, sanitation, hygiene, solid waste management, and water.
  • Engaged 84 social entrepreneurs across Sindh through the three physical bootcamps.
  • Conducted 6 mentoring sessions with engaged participants to assist them in achieving their social enterprise development goals.