The School of Leadership Foundation has implemented the Women Initiatives in Social Entrepreneurship (WISE) in collaboration with UNDP Pakistan and Jazz. This transformative initiative enhances the skills of women social entrepreneurs, particularly those from rural Pakistan, who contribute to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals. WISE also aims to expand the reach of women-led enterprises, thereby increasing their impact for a balanced ecosystem. The program includes a four-day interactive learning experience and follow-up mentoring sessions to ensure these enterprises’ growth and sustainability.


  • Create a network of 432 women social entrepreneurs, working towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals through 13 Bootcamps.
  • Equip women social entrepreneurs from rural and peri-urban areas with key entrepreneurial skills.
  • Assist participants in developing Social Business Model Canvas of their social enterprise by focusing on key areas: Problem Identification, Stakeholder Mapping, Branding, Marketing, and Financial Management
  • Provide mentoring opportunities for a more focused approach tailored to meet specific learning needs of the participants.


  • Development of a comprehensive training manual and participant’s workbook that includes 7 in-depth modules, engaging activities, case studies, and carefully designed worksheets.
  • Conducted capacity-building training for 5 trainers who would lead the bootcamps.
  • Implemented a multifaceted outreach strategy that involved partnerships with universities, print advocacy, digital campaigns, and outreach sessions to reach women across the country and ensure equal opportunities for participation in the program.
  • Executed 31 interactive outreach sessions, directly engaging 1,889 women for the WISE program at various venues such as educational institutes, community centers, incubation centers, and CBOs.
  • Successfully conducted 13 5-day WISE bootcamps across Pakistan, training 432 women social entrepreneurs, fostering skill development and empowerment.
  • Provided tailored mentoring sessions for each of the 13 WISE bootcamps, followed by a series of eight additional sessions for participants from all 13 bootcamps, ensuring continuous support and development for women social entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitated one-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts for each winning team from the WISE bootcamps, offering 13 sessions in total to provide targeted guidance and support for their social enterprises.