Joint UN Campaign for Engaging adolescents and youth in COVID 19 Response While the COVID-19 response plan of Pakistan addresses the needs of general public, the needs of adolescents and youth as a unique entity are not reflected, like at all time. It is therefore important that, they are not only considered as affected populations but also as highly effective partners in the COVID-19 efforts. They can meaningfully engage to be educators and change agents among their peers and in their communities. For this to happen, stakeholders need to be encouraged to value adolescents and youth, approach them as equals, respect their views and leverage their added value to the response. Working alongside young people will help bridge inter-generational divides and promote solidarity between age groups. This is the time the concept of positive youth development can be and should be harnessed taking into consideration of the adolescent and youth’s presence at the


  1. Engage with adolescents and youth to inform and inspire them. Engagement through different activities that empower them to take initiatives of community welfare by building their capacity.
  2. Adolescents and young people are provided with the needed approved information on COVID-19 for their own safety and protection against the virus and that of their families.
  3. Discuss the needs of adolescents and youth and how they can take action for themselves, their families and communities.
  4. Create the space for adolescents and youth to explore creative ideas and actions using innovation and interesting channels to contribute towards the response of COVID 19. Bring to the tables ideas and recommendations to cope with the new normal in the post COVID world.


Capacity Building of 1000 YOUNG PEOPLE (Age 15-29) on factual information (media package of approved messages by government and UN) around COVID 19

Online DIGITAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN for engagement of these young people using interactive tools like videos, Quiz and help desks.

1000 Young people as AMBASSADORS to reach out to communities to further spread the information.

25 YOUTH LED Social Action Projects for a better Post COVID world.

Community OUTREACH through radio broadcasts.