School of Leadership Foundation developed DOSTI – an interactive and engaging life skill education and sports-based programme in consultation with the British Council as a tool to ensure the retention of freshly enrolled students. The primary objective of introducing this initiative was to encourage children to stay in school by enhancing their learning experience through sports activities, improving their engagement through interactive story telling-session, and cultivating a better student-teacher bond.


  1. Create a positive learning environment in schools that incorporates activities both inside and outside the classroom to promote a higher level of engagement.
  2. Enhance students’ interest in school by developing content around
    activities to reduce dropout rates.
  3. Strengthen the bond between teachers and students.


Developed Teachers Training module, DOSTI stories, and physical activities book.

Carried out training of 1481 government teachers across 48 districts of Pakistan.

Trained SOLF trainers to facilitate the training of teachers across Pakistan.

Monitored DOSTI sessions in 679 government schools across Pakistan.

Engaged 118965 primary level students in DOSTI classes.