Health & Livelihood

Pakistan is charactertised by a low life expectancy, high maternal and child mortality, high incidence of communicable diseases and malnutrition among women and children. Maternal mortality ratio is at about 260 per 100,000 live births according to WHO. Additionally, Pakistan is one of the only three remaining countries with polio and the incidence of tuberculosis is about 231 cases per 100,000 a year.

We have seen exponential progress during the past two decades with increasing number of projects, facilities and inventions, yet the healthcare situation of the country in general has not improved much.

Health and livelihoods are entangled. Households and individuals facing health issues are more often than not also facing livelihood challenges. On the other hand, livelihood insecurity and food limitations negatively affect health, especially for vulnerable children and women.

Our work on health and livelihood spans all sectors and engages community members, families, school networks, health workers, NGOs and the private sector to improve health outcomes and foster resilience.

Our strategies include:
  • Empowering communities for sustainable change through training and capacity building programmes.

With these strategies in mind, we have:
  1. Increased awareness of Hepatitis among common masses and its recognition as a major disease that requires immediate medical assistance
  2. Provided a large number of entrepreneurial opportunities to the physically and mentally challenged youth so they can set up, own, manage and lead a cluster of enterprises. Our ventures include Bäckerei , Pleasures  and Rangeela
  3. Mobilized communities in various districts of Sindh to change the mindset towards vaccination and immunization, focusing on pneumonia, through theater performances.
  4. Nearly 85 per cent of respondents agreed that the performance had an impact on their mindset towards vaccination; therefore, making mobilization through such awareness activities an acute possibility.
  5. Increased awareness among radio professionals and community activists to sensitise, build technical capacity and educate communities about the significance of child health and polio vaccination.