The global pandemic, COVID-19, was not only a health crisis but also a social and an economic one, its repercussions were and are still severely felt across the world. It has led to widening the inequalities and undermining progress at the global level. The most immediate and effective solution which is critical to ending the pandemic is the safe and proper use of the vaccine.An Economic Vulnerability Assessment (EVA) that was run in December 2020/January 2021 by the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan(CERP) demonstrated that 65.7 percent of the respondent were willing to get vaccinated but only 43 percent of the country’s population are vaccinated so far. Despite a positive response to the survey, a significant number of the total population is still unvaccinated. The factors which adversely impact the population’s will to get vaccination needs to be timely addressed to control the spread.

For this purpose, UNICEF and SoLF have joined hands to get maximum people immunized and get back to normal immediately and designed a campaign called, “Coping with Corona: Aao Vaccine Lagwain”. SoLF worked on a 3-month long campaign to train over minimum 300 adolescents volunteers across Pakistan and enabled them to do the advocacy about vaccine in their respective societies. The goal was to enable adolescents to contribute toward community resilience, with a specific focus on promoting resilience in face of the pandemic. Those adolescents further reached out to 2200 individuals of their community to get them fully vaccinated.


  • Engage with adolescents to inform and inspire them through different activities that empower them to take initiatives in community welfare by building their capacity.
  • Provide young people with the approved and updated information on vaccination administration, need, and safety.
  • Create digital space for information sharing, motivation, and showcasing of work done by adolescents people in encouraging their peers and elders in getting vaccinated.


Capacity Building TRAINING of adolescents

Community ADVOCACY by adolescents

Getting people VACCINATED