The Foundation

SoLF’s efforts have always found great appeal in development circles and have attracted partners with similar objectives leading to sustained efforts in most of its endeavors. Sustainability is embedded in the core of how SoLF carries out its interventions; inspiring the community, creating cause champions, sharing knowledge and laying the foundations that foster innovation.

Our Strategy is to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share in our dream, to achieve challenging, meaningful, and inspiring ends.

Our World has more than sufficient resources to ensure such aspirations are realized. All we need is to connect those who have with those who need it. To this end, we continue learning, growing and expanding our capacities to strengthen and sustain our mission.

Our Life becomes significant only when we live on purpose and play an active part in passing on the ‘baton’ to coming generations in better shape than in which we received it.


Kamran Z. Rizvi

Kamran Rizvi has made a unique place for himself in the history of a young nation straddled with a burgeoning population of almost 200 million people, by pioneering the self-improvement and organizational development movement in 1991, founding KZR Associates (

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Shireen Naqvi

Shireen has worked extensively for the aim of building human capital. She has worked with professionals, bureaucrats, students, and academicians in the private, social and public sectors. A graduate of IBA with an MBA in Management Information System.

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