In 2015 Planning Commission compiled a document entitled, Pakistan Vision 2025 that delineates a comprehensive strategy for fast track development to make Pakistan an upper middle income country by 2025. The strategy is encapsulated in 7 pillars, of which, “Democratic Governance, Institutional Reform and Modernization of the Public Sector,” is a key enabler. UNDP Pakistan in partnership with the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform (MoPDR) has initiated a project, “Innovation and Reform in Government for High Performance.” The project goal is to enhance the efficiency and transparency of public institutes through institutional and management reforms and as a first step UNDP is using the services of SOLF to train a mix of 1000 senior government officials from grade 17 to 22, across a range of ministries, in basic contemporary management competencies and skills. SOLF will develop training content, deliver training and monitoring training outcomes.


Content Development

  • In Depth Interviews of Civil Servants to assess their competency levels on proposed training needs.
  • Research and literature review to develop 8 training modules related to work skills and management.
  • Design activities and practice exercises.


  • Training of 1000 civil servants from grade 17 to 22.
  • Organizing target audience into 40 batches of 25 participants per batch.
  • Sending out invitations and maintain database of participants.
  • Taking and documenting feedback from participants and trainers.

Monitoring & Mentoring

  • Supervise trainings as per quality assurance model indicators.
  • Implementation of M&E framework proposed.