Areas Of Expertise

  • Project Management and Research

Originally from the North of Pakistan with stints in a wide variety of places, Nilma moved to the capital for her education. After graduating with a degree in Economics, she worked with a few organizations but soon moved to SoLF due to her ardent passion to work for community development through education. She has almost three years of experience working in the School of Leadership Foundation. Over the course of her career, she’s gotten the opportunity to work on different projects with a range of clients including the British Council, UNDP, JAZZ, and more. Her primary focus has been the smooth and impactful implementation of her projects as well as establishing and strengthening the relationships with clients to best serve the needs of their projects. She is a passionate visionary and a forward-thinker who loves what she does. When Nilma is not tinkering with ideas, she is usually found playing basketball, hiking, exploring new cafes, and finding new adventures. A truly enthusiastic volunteer at heart, she has worked for various causes such as climate change, culture preservation, youth empowerment, community development, and more.